The world has changed. You could thrive.

COVID-19 and the surrounding media storm has changed business drastically in the past month. But it’s not unprecedented: video stores perished when the internet brought streaming, Uber prospered in a world where everyone uses apps.

COVID19 — we’re all in this together!

It’s business as usual, now with meetings by video. To start, I’m putting it out there that if you’re affected by recent events and need help, please, sincerely, let me know.

How to use product-market fit in brand strategy

I recently caught up with the marketing concept of “product-market fit”. As I learned more about it, I saw that product-market fit is tightly linked to brand strategy and development — brands define and reflect their market and how their product fits them.

How to write website text in 5 steps

The internet is a visual and often audio-visual medium but within that, words are still incredibly important. Words give definite shape to ideas. Words are very personal. Words form the set of results revealed by a Google search.

Brand and visual design cool collection mid-2019

For me at least, 2019 has so far been very active in branding and digital design. Here is a collection of the coolest things to light up my pixels so far this year.

Using illustration to build a brand

Want to show how your product helps people, but it’s kind of abstract? Or, want to show how your product works, but it’s software with many parts? Rather than photography or words, illustration is generally the most effective technique for communicating those kind of things and is therefore becoming an increasingly common and important part of the visual branding arsenal.

Wireframing—What it is & why it’s good

A central aim of most UX design for websites and apps is determining what the user will see at each step in their journey. Creating and testing wireframes of web and app screens gives designers, testers and other stakeholders relevant, non-precious options to help form the best interactions for each of those steps.

UX design—What it is & why it’s good

Great user experiences provide a sense of joy and the ease-of-use which bring people back again and again. Over recent years, UX design has been a buzz around websites, apps and a growing range of other fields.

Branding—What it is & why it’s good

Knowing what a design studio does sounds like an essential requirement for a client looking to make the most of a design project. But at Univers, like all professionals, sometimes the things we do as second-nature, and the language we use in our work, are a bit mysterious to everyone else.

10 reasons you should not use an agency for your design project

Today, I’m drawing a line in the sand. The time has come to define two distinct kinds of design businesses: the Studio and the Agency. If your design business is based on a passion for creativity and has a culture which values design and aesthetics above all, stand to the left: you have a Studio.